martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007

PJ Harvey

Señores, reverencia al frente. Polly Jean Harvey, una cantante única que acaba de publicar este "white chalk" (2007), su octavo trabajo, acompañada de un piano y una exigua percusión. Absolutamente maravilloso.

Aunque me gustan todos, he elegido "silence". Besos.

All those places
Where I recall the memories
That gripped me
And pinned me down

I go to these places
Intending to think
To think of nothing
No anticipate

And somehow expect
You'll find me there
That by some miracle
You'd be aware

I'd risen this morning
Determined to break
The spell of my longing
And not to think

I freed myself from my family
I freed myself from work
I freed myself
I freed myself
And remained alone

And in my thinking
Steal you away
Though you never wanted me


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